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Homeless System Performance



“CoCs are charged with designing a local “system” to assist sheltered and unsheltered people experiencing homelessness and providing the services necessary to help them access housing and obtain long-term stability‚Ķ..A critical aspect of the amended [HEARTH] Act is a focus on viewing the local homeless response as a coordinated system of homeless assistance options as opposed to homeless assistance programs and funding sources that operate independently in a community. To facilitate this perspective the Act now requires communities to measure their performance as a coordinated system, in addition to analyzing performance by specific projects or project types.”

SOURCE: HUD July 2014 Introductory Guide to Understanding System Performance


Definitions & Abbreviations

For Housing & Housing Program Types

In the table below are commonly used abbreviations for different housing types and housing programs for homeless persons and families.


Project Types

Emergency Shelter

TH Transitional Housing
PH Permanent Housing
PH - Housing only
PH - Housing with services (disabilty not required for entry)
SH Safe Haven
PH-RRH PH - Rapid Re-Housing
PH-PSH PH - Permanent Supportive Housing (disability required for entry)
SO Street Outreach
SSO Services Only
HP Homelessness Prevention



List of 7 Key Metrics, How Often We Report, etc.


There are seven performance measures.

Six of the seven apply to our CoC. 

Each measure has one or more “metrics” used to measure the system performance.

The seven measures are as follows:

Measure 1: The Length of Time Persons Remain Homeless

Measure 2: The Extent to which Persons who Exit Homelessness to Permanent Housing Destinations Return to Homelessness

Measure 3: Number of Homeless Persons

Measure 4: Employment and Income Growth for Homeless Persons in CoC Program-funded Projects

Measure 5: Number of Persons who Become Homeless for the First Time

Measure 6: Homeless Prevention and Housing Placement of Persons Defined by Category 3 of HUD’s Homeless Definition in CoC Program-funded Projects [Not Applicable in our CoC]

Measure 7: Successful Placement from Street Outreach and Successful Placement in or Retention of Permanent Housing



System Performance Indicators



Metric 4.4

Metric 4.4 gauge

Metric 4.5

Metric 4.5 gauge


Metric 4.6

Metric 4.6 gauge

Metric 7b.1

Metric 7b.1 gauge


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