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Service Point Data Management System...

Our Service Point System serves primarily as what HUD calls a “Homeless Management Information System”. An HMIS is a local information technology system used to collect client-level data and data on the provision of housing and services to homeless individuals and families and persons at risk of homelessness - except for homeless families and individuals who are served by Domestic Violence Programs (which by law cannot be included in an HMIS). Each Continuum of Care (CoC) in the nation is responsible for selecting an HMIS software solution that complies with HUD's data collection, management, and reporting standards and for administering this system and our Service Point System meets these federal requirements. 

Our Service Point System is also used to manage data for other programs that are not included in the HUD compliant HMIS Data System.


HMIS Resources from US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

HUD HMIS Data and Privacy Standards for all HMIS Systems originated in 2004 and have been revised over the years, most recently in 2014.


HMIS Data and Technical Standards

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) released the 2014 HMIS Data Dictionary and 2014 HMIS Data Manual on May 1, 2014, updating the 2004 HMIS Data and Technical Notice and the 2010 HMIS Data Standards. The HMIS Data Standards outlined in these two documents provide communities with baseline data collection requirements developed by HUD, HHS, and VA.

The effective date of the 2014 HMIS Data Standards is October 1, 2014. This means that all HMIS solutions must be programmed to collect data based on the 2014 Standards by that date.
This joint release is a product of collaboration between the three agencies to update the HMIS Data Standards to allow for standardized data collection on homeless individuals and families across systems. Because this is a collaborative effort between HUD, HHS, and the VA, the standards are no longer presented in a HUD Notice format. Communities must collect the data included in the standards in order to comply with each federal partner’s reporting requirements. The documents are structured so that communities can easily determine which data elements are required for each federal partner’s program.
Additional HMIS Policies, Rules, and Tools related to developing and administering a Homeless Management Information System are available here.


The Utica/Rome/Oneida and Madison Counties HMIS

Our CoC’s Homeless Management Information System uses Internet-based technology and specialized software from Bowman Systems, Inc. to enable organizations and agencies in Oneida and Madison Counties to record and securely store information about the clients that they serve, the services they receive, and the outcomes of these services.   The HMIS is designed to enable the aggregation of client-level data across different programs and agencies and to generate nonduplicating counts of homeless sub-populations and the service utilization and service patterns of persons and families who are provided with homeless assistance services.

The primary objectives of our HMIS are to:

  1. Provide our local homeless assistance continuum of care partners and providers with quality information and analyses to inform and shape our local priorities and program planning.

  2. Inform public policy at the local, state, and national level regarding the extent and nature of homelessness in our region.  This is accomplished through analysis and reporting of data that is grounded in the actual experiences of homeless and at-risk persons and families. HMIS data is analyzed and reports comprised of de-identified and aggregated data are made available to policy makers, service providers, advocates, and consumer representatives.

CoC/HMIS Governance Agreement link is here.
Service Point/HMIS Policies and Procedures link is here.

Central New York Services, Inc. is the Lead Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) Agency for the Utica/Rome/Oneida and Madison Counties Continuum of Care (NY-518).

HMIS Lead Agency: Central New York Services, Inc.
HMIS Administrator: Linda Wilkinson.  Email: 


Resources for Service Point Agencies and Users

Service Point User Policy and Ethics is here.
Service Point Privacy Notice is here.
Service Point Release of Information Template is here.
Service Point Data Quality Plan is here.
Service Point Agency Agreement is here.


Links to Bowman Systems/Service Point Software Guides:

Log In to access Service Point

Log In to access Service Point training site

Service Point Cares Sites


Additional Documents and Guides for Service Point Users:

Homeless Definition is here.
Glossary of HMIS Definitions and Acronyms is here.
Service Codes for data entry is here.
Self-Sufficiency Matrix is here.
Goal Classification Description is here.
Service Point Checklist/Quick Guide for Data Entry is here.


Service Point forms for HUD Homeless Programs

HUD APR Entry/form v9 is here.
HUD APR Interim form v9 is here.
HUD Exit form v9 is here.


Service Point forms for VA Homeless Programs

VA Entry form v9 is here.
VA Interim form v9 is here.
VA Exit form v9 is here.


OneCPD Resource Exchange

HUD Fair Market Rents

Homeless Resource Exchange

Federal Poverty Guidelines



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